Son Gifted Memory Bear From Late Mom's Wedding Blouse

A son was brought to tears when he was surprised with a teddy bear made from the blouse his late mom wore on his wedding day. Pedro Yllescas, from Mexico City, Mexico, lost his mom, Maria, 64, in tragic circumstances on June 31, when she fell down steps at her home, causing her to suffer a stroke. Maria then spent approximately 15 days in hospital, but even after going through surgery to drain blood from her brain, her condition worsened and the family were prepared to say their goodbyes. The experience was extremely tough on Pedro, and ahead of his first birthday without his mom, his wife, Vianney, 35, wanted to give her husband something to remember his mother by. She reached out to a company called HE.SHOPP.ING, which creates teddy bears from loved ones' clothes, known as memory bears. Vianney provided the company with the blouse Maria had worn to her son's wedding, which they turned into a teddy and sent back to her.