Curing Update, Second Week In The Cure! 4K. TWTGC!!

<p>So this is the start of the second week in the curing process! We are happy with how the cure is coming along, the flavors and smells are starting to really come out and I finally smoked my first blunt of this batch of the Grape Ape! all I have to say! Fucking amazing painkilling effects and I was high as fuck!!! It took me three tries to get this video right! LOL... my words were all messed up and I went off talking about shit that had nothing to do with the video! Lol! So I decided to take a half hour after the third attempt and then try again! So just a walk-through of keeping an eye on your humidity in the jars if below your desired humidity level that your trying to reach pop a humiditypack back in, give it 24hrs then check it again if good pull it out, if not check again in another 12hrs till it&#39;s there! Then remove from the jars again! Of course you are still making sure to burp, pull out at least half of the buds in the jars, get them separated, allow some fresh air around them, roll your jars if some is still inside! Give a 5 to 10 minute gap before putting the buds back into the jars and reseal them back up! At the end of week two in the cure you can start leaving those buds alone for a couple- three days between burping! As you go into week three of the cure!!</p>