This Herb Vape Uses Sticks Of Weed!? - Omura Review

<p>This is a fresh vaporizer company, and their delivery method for the actual cannabis is pretty intriguing... Using pre-measures sticks of dry herb, they offer both THC and CBD options in collaboration with some great cultivators in the US. Sustainability is a huge focus for these folks, and they&#39;ve gone the length to ensure packaging and the actual herb sticks are completely recyclable, biodegradable + created from plant fibers. The battery charges via USB-C, and the whole thing operates off one long press of the button. From there, the session runs at a set length and weens off the temp; it is nearly 4 minutes from the first press until the end of sesh. The sticks are one time use, and come in packs of 12. I really enjoyed using this thing, running through a full pack of CBD flower and nearly done with the THC herb box now. I will definitely keep on using this, especially indoors as I&#39;m with family who don&#39;t like the odor of weed smoke. The flavor is pretty top notch, as well as their factory settings that have never combusted on me [unlike some other dry herb vapes I&#39;ve tried.] If I had to give it a rating, it would be at least a 8.7/10, I really don&#39;t have any complaints about it and seems like they&#39;ve figured out any issues it may have. I have reviewed the Gen 1 battery, and since receiving it they&#39;ve released a newer model.</p> <p>THE SITE -</p> <p>The Patrons help create these!!!!! -</p> <p>If you happen to use amazon -</p>