Shouldn't The Barbarism Of Policemen Be Ended?| Nammalariyanam| Mathrubhumi News

Will our policemen turn into superheroes after donning the uniform and cap of police? Are the super powers of our policemen unquestionable? A DySP at Neyyattinkara has managed to turn a joyous house at Neyyattinkara into one filled with wails and tears, that too within a single night. It was the pride of a policeman which had made him throw young Sanal out of the car and into his death. Its not that long since the policemen of Thiruvananthapuram's Fort Station was awarded life imprisonment for the custodial death of Udayakumar. It was policemen only who killed a youth at Varapuzha. The DGP himself has acknowledged that 1,113 criminals were there in the armed forces. Nammalariyanam is in search for these answers. Shouldn't the barbarism of policemen be ended? Nammalariyanam.