THE INSTEP PASS - Winning Passing Skill • Ages 10-13

THE INSTEP PASS - Winning Passing Skill for Ages 10-13. USSF certified coach and former NAIA All American Mike Araujo explains a soccer passing drill for mastering one-touch instep passing. Two lines of players stand opposite each other, one starting with the ball. The front player with the ball passes to the other group, then jogs around to join the back of that group. The front player of the receiving group one-touch passes the ball back and jogs around to the end of that group. Players should focus on passing with the instep of their foot, and keeping the pass at a firm pace but always on the ground. The pass must be accurate enough for the receiving teammate to one-touch pass it back. This drill will help players hone their one-touch passing skills, and thereby help a team increase their speed of play on the field. One-touch passing is an essential soccer skill for all positions and player types. This drill makes a great passing warmup for a team which can be done at the start of every training session.