Recharge Connect Movement 1.7

Two options: Bodyweight For Time 50 Reverse Lunges 50 Single Leg Glute Bridges (25 ea leg) 50 Air Squats 50 Double Leg Bridges Equipment For Time 50 Goblet Reverse Lunges 50 DB/KB Swings 50 Goblet Squats 50 DB/KB Swings Athlete Goals: Understand how their body responds under fatigue and know how to break up their sets to eliminate that as much as possible. Find that fine line between fatigue and fitness to be able to keep moving the entire time. Coaching Emphasis: This is known as a chipper. This can be sneaky difficult because and block practice of a single movement creates a different level of fatigue both muscularly and aerobically. Your ability to break these up into chunks that allows you to keep moving without redlighting it will be the key to you finishing. Physio Perspective: A whole lot of hip involvement and torso positioning. Technique under fatigue will be the key here to ensure the back doesn't begin to fatigue to quickly or overextend trying to compensate.