Hot Boxing My Bathroom EPIC FAIL|What's In My Stash Bag| Bakedbeauty420

<p>Hey what&#39;s good what&#39;s up my beautiful buds! Welcome Back to my channel BEECH! Today&#39;s video was kinda a EPIC FAIL lmao. In my defense this was my first time ever hotboxing my bathroom and I really didn&#39;t think about the whole vent thing...hahaha. But it&#39;s okay beech because we can always try again! I had a lit ass time filming thing video, it&#39;s seriously probably the highest I&#39;ve been on camera here on my channel. So sorry if shit got subscribed ;) Also I am VERY aware of how nasty my bong was, I don&#39;t know what I was thinking. Tbh I probably was. I&#39;ll try to be better lmaoo. If you want to check out any of this amazing companies I mentioned in today&#39;s video, I will have their websites all listed down below &amp; Dicount codes if I have them! Much love xoxo</p> <p>Level 1620:<a href=""></a>&quot;bakedbeauty420&quot; for $$$ off</p> <p>Waxxmaidstore:<a href=""></a>&quot;bakedbeauty420&quot; for $$$ off</p> <p>Smoke Trap:<a href=""></a>&quot;bakedbeauty420&quot; for $$$ off</p> <p>Empire Papers:<a href=""></a></p> <p>Ghost Vape:<a href=""></a></p> <p>WHERE ELSE TO FIND BAKEDBEAUTY420?!?!??!?!?!</p> <p>Instagram:<a href=""></a></p> <p>Twitter:<a href=""></a></p> <p></p>