BAD MUTHAPUFFA Vlogmas Day 3/4ish | Tyler Therapy

<p>WHAT&#39;S PUFFIN MUTHAPUFFAS!</p> <p>WELCOME BACK TO DAY 3/4ish OF <a href="">#VLOGMAS</a> In this video I am handling business yet again and telling yall MUTHAPUFFAS about the DOPE <a href="">#Giveaway</a> that is PUFFIN up on my MUTHAPUFFIN IG PAGE! Yes, THAT&#39;S RIGHT MUTHAPUFFAS! I have a Giveaway going with Airgraft! So make sure yall MUTHAPUFFAS follow me on IG and ENTER for some FREE SHIT! I also briefly discuss my new music that is out right now and my upcoming album. Don&#39;t forget to SUBSCRIBE and tell me what strains yall MUTHAPUFFAS PUFFIN on throughout this video! KEEP ON PUFFIN WITH YA GIRL!</p> <p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>KEEP ON PUFFIN WITH ME MUTHAPUFFAS!</p> <p>MUTHAPUFFIN MERCH &amp; EVENTS: WWW.BADMUTHAPUFFA.COM</p> <p>IG: @tylertherapy | @badmuthapuffa | @tylertherapytheater</p> <p>TIKTOK: @tylertherapy | @badmuthapuffa | @prettymuthapuffa</p> <p>TWT: Tyler Therapy</p> <p>YouTube: Tyler Therapy</p>