Smoke Sesh|Waxmaid Gemini 2-IN-1 Water Pipe & Nectar Collector

<p><a href="http://Waxmaid Gemini 2-IN-1 Water Pipe &amp; Nectar Collector">http://Waxmaid Gemini 2-IN-1 Water Pipe &amp; Nectar Collector</a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>Waxmaid Gemini 2-IN-1 water bubbler&amp; nectar collector comes with a glass bowl, a detachable mouthpieceand a titanium nail. Pull the mouthpiece out of the Gemini body, assemble it with titanium nail, it turns into a durable silicone nectar collector fordabbingconcentrate. Use this piece as both a bubblerand a dab rig for your favorite flower and concentrates.</p> <p>The imitation diamond textureon the surfaceof silicone sleeve isaesthetically-pleasing, add a greatdesigntasteon Gemini.</p> <p>The chamber is a thick quality cup, it can be used for drinking when you go for a hike or ventures.</p> <p>The flexible silicone body surrounds a thick glass water chamber that easily pops in and out for quick filling and cleaningwithout leaking out. The combination of silicone and glass design not only solves the problem of easily broken glass, but also makes the smoke volume visible in smoking rigs.</p> <p>Areplaceableand easy-to-clean 14mm silicone downstem slides in and out of theglass chamber of Waxmaid Gemini 2-IN-1bubbler&amp; silicone nectar collector at your convenience.</p> <p>Waxmaid Gemini 2-IN-1 water bubbler&amp; nectar collector is made ofplatinum-cured silicone material.It&#39;s certified &ldquo;food safe&rdquo; for culinary applications and thesafety level goes above and beyondFDA approval standards. This hybrid piece is durable, versatile, and safe to use directly.</p>