Veg & Flower Update 12/10/2020 | TWTGC

<p>Welcome to IckyStickies&#39; garden!</p> <p>Cheers to you and thanks for stopping by.</p> <p>Here&#39;s my normal weekly upload, being the Monday before and after!</p> <p>Nutrients I use currently;</p> <p>Canna Coco A + B</p> <p>Canna Rhizotonic</p> <p>Canna Cannazym</p> <p>Canna Cannaboost</p> <p>All the above watered daily.</p> <p>Strains growing currently;</p> <p>Pear Tree (self named; bag-seed; where it all started!)</p> <p>Black Widow</p> <p>Skywalker OG</p> <p>Bruce Banner</p> <p>Gorilla Glue (what I was told it is when my good mate gave it to me, very likely a mix though!)</p> <p><a href="">A huge THANK YOU to ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) for sponsoring the Pop Culture Mix Pack (which now seems to be called the Hero Mix Pack) to me so I could throw my hand in at growing the Black Widow, Skywalker OG and Bruce Banner. Click here to head over to ILGM to have a look at what they have to offer. You won&#39;t be disappointed!</a></p> <p>I was going to make a list of TheWeedTube creators that I suggest you take a look at, but the list would be so long! So if you don&#39;t mind, please check down in the comments and subscribe to anyone you see down there - we&#39;d all appreciate it!</p> <p>Please take care all, stay safe and keep happy! :-)</p> <p>IckyStickies</p>