The Rav’s 1979 Teshuva Drasha: The Yom Kippur Avodah Recitation

The Rav explains the reasons for the Avodah recitation, and what that recitation meant to the Ravs father and grandfather 00:00 - 45:07: Reasons for the Avodah recitation 45:07 – 53:56: Story of Yankel the Porter, The Avodah recitation of the Rav's father and grandfather 53:56- 1:13:42: The Avodah's conclusion - from ecstasy to mourning 1:13:45-1:58:10: Bowing in response to the Shem Hameforash, the relationship between the Shem Hameforash and the Itzumo Shel Yom 1:58:18 - 2:19:23: The role of Ne'ilah