WISO 21 #11 AK-47

<p>(Intended for those 18 &amp; older)</p> <p>EDIT: NUNA INTERNATIONAL IS NOT VEGANICS, IT WAS A GROWER IN OKLAHOMA CALLED MK ORGANICS.</p> <p>This video is a review on some AK-47 grown by Nuna International here in Oklahoma. Not a fan. It sold pretty good at first but we haven&#39;t had too many return customers. I think it was mostly old heads getting it too since it&#39;s an old school strain that&#39;s been around for a while. I wasn&#39;t a fan of this one though guys, but had to try it since it was selling so good. It wasn&#39;t bad but it wasn&#39;t good. Also at the end I use the term &quot;old heads&quot; I refer to this to those people who were smoking in the 60-70&#39;s as well.</p> <p>Hope you all enjoyed the video! Please don&rsquo;t forget to Like and Subscribe if you enjoy my content in order to help get my name out there. Thanks again for all your support. I really want to start a career in the industry. If I can get my name out there and someone is willing to take a chance on me, because they see my determination and drive to want to succeed is what I need. I&#39;m taking things into my own hands, but sometimes a little help along the way can be what makes/breaks you. Remember to be kind to one another and much love!</p> <p>Song in the Outro is Never You Mind by Dan Lebowitz, found on YouTube&rsquo;s Audio Library.</p> <p>You can now find me over at Cannabuzz as well! I suggest you all to check it out and give me a follow and that you found out about it from my channel if you really want to help me out. https://www.cannabuzz.app/users/CrazyHandGrows</p> <p>I&rsquo;m also over on Instagram! I&rsquo;ve had an on/off relationship with Instagram but I&rsquo;m trying to be more relevant over there as well to help increase my traffic on the ole YouTubes. https://www.instagram.com/crazyhandgrowsig/</p> <p>If there is anything I can do to help make your viewing experience better or you just wanted to ask me something, you can feel free to email me at Crazyhandgrows@gmail.com! Thanks again for all your support and donations are very much appreciated. Hope you have a great day and please be kind to one another!</p>