3 Indica Strain Reviews | THC Reviews 4 U - Pacific Cannabis (Rockstar / Super Kush / MKU)

<p>Welcome to another episode of THC Review 4 U -</p> <p>Today we have some sweet Indica flower reviews, Rockstar - Super Kush and MKU - These three strain exhibit some excellent Indica strain qualities. This is the final episode of the mini series for <a href="http://www.pacificcanny.com" target="_blank">Pacific Cannabis</a>. They have such a nice selection of strains we were able to make episodes for <a href="https://theweedtube.com/video/kush-mints-x-gelato33-ice-cream-cake-reviews-thc-reviews-4-u-pacific-cannabis--123357" target="_blank">Hybrids</a>, <a href="https://theweedtube.com/video/m-a-c-1-lemon-haze-reviews-thc-reviews-4-u---sativa-special--123417" target="_blank">Sativas</a> and now Indica.</p> <p>Check out our Linktree page for more videos and promo codes to save some $: <a href="http://www.linktr.ee/THC.REVIEWS" target="_blank">THC REVIEWS LINKTREE</a></p>