The Pineapple Tragedy- Koality Brand Mystery Box | The Kawaii Stoner Babe

<p>So sad, but alas! I have good news! Right after I finished filming this video, I contacted Koality Brand and they got RIGHT back to me and told me they were sorry for my loss and they were mailing out something new right away for me! However-- because it&#39;s a mystery box, it probably won&#39;t be the same piece. So! When the new piece gets here, we&#39;ll open it and use it together!</p> <p>Thank you so much for watching! I always love hanging out with you and doing these mystery boxes and things like this. Let me know what your favorite part of this Build a Box was down below!</p> <p>Be sure to follow me on Instagram for daily stoner content @tamedfangirl</p> <p>Wanna send me mail?</p> <p>Autumn Elise</p> <p>P.O Box 784</p> <p>Chateaugay NY, 12920</p>