SilkySlim416 FIYAH KUSH HARVEST EPISODE Easiest "How To Cure Your Weed Tutorial" TRIMMING

<p>This another weekly episode of the your favourite one of a kind online grow series &quot;Growing Kush With SilkySlim416&quot; &amp; this week your in for a treat. Its my Fiyah Kush Harvest Episode.</p> <p>Im going to follow up with my 4x8 grow tent harvest from last week when I cut down 5 Blue Cheese plants from Barneys Farm Seed Company and 2 Pink Kush plants also from Barneys Farm Seed Company. Last week I was in week 11 of flower and was forced to chop a few plants down due to a sudden spider mite infestation, I&#39;ve just kept the plants in complete darkness for the past 8 days drying.</p> <p>But in this episode we will be continuing to harvest these plants by finally pulling them out of the large indoor grow tent then handling some trimming and placing the cannabis buds into air tight containers to cure, and just because we cool ill share a quick and easy tutorial with you on how to handle all of these indoor garden task,</p> <p>&amp; we could listen to some big tunes on a Sunday afternoon, smoke a some fiyah kush &amp; have a few cold ones. Make sure to get comfy and I hope you enjoy this weeks episode.</p> <p>If you enjoy this content make sure to slap the Like and Subscribe Buttons.and if you have any questions or comments just drop them in the comments section and i&#39;ll do my best to get back to you ASAP.</p> <p>You Can Always Follow Or Message Me on any of these other socials or just drop me a line and let me know how your gardens going you can even send me a pic.</p> <p> &amp; Dont Forget To Go Check Out My YouTube Page &amp; Make sure to show me some support &amp; love over there aswell with your likes and subscriptions</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <p>Instagram - @SilkySlim416</p> <p>Twitter - @Sslim416</p> <p>SnapChat - @SilkySlim416</p> <p>TheWeedTube -@SilkySlim416</p> <p>FaceBook - SilkySlim416</p> <p>For Brand/Media/Sponsorships/Promos Only Email: SilkySlim416@GMAIL.COM</p> <p>Growing Equipment and supplies:</p> <p>The Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky 180 Wideband LED -</p> <p>USE PROMO CODE &quot;SLIM&quot; FOR 5% DISCOUNT WITH LINK ABOVE ON ELECTRIC SKY WIDE BAND LED&#39;s</p> <p>Blue Lab PH Pen -</p> <p>Nutrients :</p> <p>Gaia Green -</p> <p>Remo Nutrients -</p> <p>ONLINE HEAD SHOP I USE USE PROMO CODE :</p> <p>&quot;silkyslim416&quot; for discount</p> <p>LINKS TO ONLINE SEED BANKS THAT I USE:</p> <p>Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS)</p> <p>Organic Nutrients That I Use:</p> <p>GAIA GREEN All Purpose 4-4-4 -</p> <p>GAIA GREEN Bloom 2-8-4 -</p> <p>Mycorrhizae -</p> <p>Remo Nutrients MagNifical -</p> <p>Blackstrap Molasses -</p> <p>Worm Castings -</p> <p>Alfalfa Meal 3-0-3 -</p> <p>Bat Guano-</p> <p>Important Tools Needed for Growing:</p> <p>PH Pen -</p> <p>PPM Nutrient Meter -</p> <p>PH Down -</p> <p>PH Calibration -</p> <p>Other Grow Gear I Use:</p> <p>IDAODAN 4x4 Grow Tent -</p> <p>VIVOSUN 4x8 Grow Tent -</p> <p>Electric Sky ESV2 Wideband LED -</p> <p>VIVOSUN Air Filtration Kit -</p> <p>Dehumidifier -</p> <p>Oscillating Fan -</p> <p>Clip On Fan -</p> <p>(5-Pack) 7Gallon Fabric Pots -</p> <p>(4-Pack) Air-Pots 5Gal -</p> <p>(6-Pack) Air-Pots 3Gal -</p> <p>Pot Elevators -</p> <p>Seedling Heat Mat -</p> <p>Rooting Cloning Hormone -</p> <p>Trellis Netting -</p> <p>Whats in my Camera bag:</p> <p>Cannon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera Kit -</p> <p>External Microphone for Cannon EOS M50 -</p> <p>Large Tripod For Cannon EOS M50 -</p> <p>MacBook Air -</p> <p>#indoor grow #weed grow #indoor garden #grow #gaia green #harvest #weed #cannabis #marijuana grow #toronto #Canada #legal grow #cannabis grow #growing cannabis, #indoor cannabis grow #grow indoor weed #grow indoor #growing weed #grow weed #growing weed indoor #4x4 grow #4x8 grow #growing indoor #air pots #fabric pots #marijuana growth #cannabis growth #grow tent #growing marijuana #growing weed indoors #indoor growing #indoor marijuana #indoor weed #led grow #marijuana growing #Toronto man #marijuana indoor grow #organic cannabis grow #outdoor grow #outdoor weed grows #balcony weed grow #balcony garden #balcony outdoor grow #spider mite #infestation #harvest #weed harvest #harvest time #fiyah #fiya #closet grow #grow update #grow weed indoor #apartment grow #weed growing #grow tutorials #video grow journal</p> <p></p> <p>Music In this Episode By :</p> <p></p> <p>Nicholas Craven - bragging rights</p> <p>Nicholas Craven - the yoks instrumental</p> <p>Nicholas Craven - Serpant Instrumental</p> <p>Nicholas Craven - No Flame Instrumental</p>