Stoner Tag (Tagged by Dopedev420)

How's it going guys,My name is dokness and welcome back to another video.Today,I was tagged by Dopedev420 to do a Weed related 20 questions called "Stoner Tag." In response,I tagged JimboBob,DoyoudreamlikeIdo,and SkunkeeGaming.I hope you all enjoy :) If you want to do this yourself here are the questions! 1)Describe The first time you got high. 2)What is your favorite way to consume cannabis? 3)Indica,Sativa,or Hybrid? 4)What are your plans for 4/20? 5)Favorite place to Sesh? 6)Do you prefer to sesh alone or with friends? 7)How long have you been using cannabis? 8)Do your family and friends know I smoke? 9)Your favorite go-to munchie? 10)Your favorite cannabis influencer? 11)have you ever gotten in trouble for weed? 12)Go-to playlist/Artist while high? 13)Joints,pieces,or vapes? 14)Flower Vs Concentrates? 15)Smoking morning or night? 16)The highest you've ever been? 17)Recreational or Medical? 18)Do you like/use edibles? 19)Do you grow your own? 20)The most you've spent on weed?