STANDING DIVING - Winning Goalkeeping Skills 2

STANDING DIVING – Winning Goalkeeping Skills 2. Former Division 1 Goalkeeper, Brian Galvin, teaches a drill for young goalies focusing on the correct diving technique from a standing position. Start the keeper in their ready stance, head and hands forward on their toes, positioned in the center of the six yard line. Roll balls left and right towards the corners of the goal so that the goalies practice maintaining their shape and hand positioning in their divesin a more realistic match situation. Make sure that the goalie takes a step towards the ball at a positive angle using their outside leg and loads their weight on that leg to launch their dive. They should finish the dive in front of the line with their hands out in front of their head and their knees bent protecting their body. Practice the drill for 8 reps per side, 2-3 times daily.