Total Body Weight Workout 2

This is a quick time saver total body weight workout. Hit every major muscle group in under 30 minutes. After warming up, we'll do two sets of each exercise, alternating between the lower and upper body. You'll also do 2 quick cardio bursts to pump that heart rate up. There are two workouts in this time-saver series. Be sure to check out the Total Body Weights Workout 1 too! If you're new to weight lifting, please follow Michele on the left side of your screen. This workout is appropriate for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced. To make it more challenging, pick up heavier weights, but always listen to your body. There is a simple beat track in the background. I want you to put on your favorite music to help motivate you to work hard! Equipment needed: one pair of light and heavy dumbbells, a mat or towel, and optional chair if you're a beginner Description: Warm-up with side lunges, 1/2 squats, squat knee lifts, side stretch, standing spinal twists, shuffles, and arm circles. Then you're ready to go with narrow squats and tricep exercises with a balance option, and on to plie's and full range of motion side raises, with quick cardio speed skates. On to deadlifts and bicep exercises, then wide squats with a wide 'W' shoulder press and frog squats. Next side lunges with a row, side raise/front raise and quick cardio split switches. End in a supine position for chest presses, bridges, and modified pull overs. Finish out with a quick stretch. Go ahead and stretch any other muscles that you feel you need at the end.