Top 10 Dabs of the Week - Monster Dabs

WOOOOOOO!!!! Get ready for the craziest episode of Top 10 Dabs to date! From some epic scenic dabs to some of the biggest dabs weve ever seen here on top 10, this week got crazy! Thank you so much for send in your clips and making this another great week! If you want to submit a video, heres what you gotta do! 1. Upload your video to youtube and make it public or unlisted 2. Email the sharable link to your video to, "" with the subject line, "Top 10 Dabs" 3. Please try and keep any music out of your videos as they can cause copyright issues! And thats it, simple as that. I want to see your videos! If youve got something you think is good enough for the cut, send it in! Thanks for watching everyone! Have a kick ass day.