Halloween, Horror Movies and Ghost Stories!

<p>Today I am smoking on &#39;Ness Chocolate Cheescake, an indica at 23% THC. My neighbor dropped off some of his Bruce Banner home grown. It&#39;s a 60/40 Sativa leaning hybrid. Not 80/20 like I mentioned in the show. I don&#39;t know what the percentage of it is. Typically it&#39;s around the 24% THC mark. I can tell you I had to put the joint down half way and stop my first attempt at the show.</p> <p>Happy Halloween!!</p> <p>I started watching horror movies with my daughters. My youngest decided she wanted to watch &quot;Chucky&quot; so we started there. Then branched off to the scream series. When that did do the trick we moved on to Amityville Horror. That did the trick. Scared them enough to have my youngest sleep in my room and my oldest go so scared she punched me in the head in the middle of the movie. My son will not watch anything remotely scary.</p> <p>What scares you?</p> <p>Aliens don&#39;t really scare me. Neither does being dissmembered. The paranormal scares me a bit, so does the texas chainsaw massacre, family of hill-billy&#39;s in the woods style abductions. The idea that you can&#39;t get away even when you thought you got away is terrifying!</p> <p>Lets talk about horror movies. I&#39;ll tell you my top 5 horror movies and why they made the top 5. What&#39;s your top 5?</p> <p>Also I switched up the lighting. I think I&#39;m gonna keep it this way. What do you thing? Let me know your opinion int the comments.</p> <p>The result of a bong hit and a sense of humor. We smoke weed, ponder life and tell some ridiculous stories. We&#39;re creating a vibe in the community.</p> <p>So join the sesh with your friendly neighborhood pothead and SUBSCRIBE to Thoughts Off The Stem podcast.</p> <p>While you&#39;re between PUFFS hit the LIKE button, then PASS this on to someone who needs a Sesh Buddy!</p> <p>Now you can visit <a href="https://tots420.com">Tots420.com</a> to parooze the Tots420 Shop, find more content, discover new platforms, donate to the show if you feel like supporting our growth and shop our affiliate links for Amazing dab rigs, bongs, pipes and glass smoking accessories.</p> <p>So visit <a href="https://tots420.com">Tots420.com</a></p> <p>Are you looking for New, Innovative ways to Promote and Advertise your products and services?</p> <p>Thoughts Off The Stem is now offering Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities.</p> <p>Built on steady organic growth, loyalty and personal connection, this is the perfect platform to show case your business, products and services.</p> <p>Our goal is to cultivate a vibe that appeals to the masses.</p> <p>For any and all inquiries <a href="https://tots420.com/contact">contact us</a></p> <p>Thank you for your support!</p>