<p>Welcome to another Episode of THC Reviews - Today we have another installment of our ongoing collaboration with 416Strains</p> <p>Sativa Special - Two amazing full Sativa&#39;s: Moby Dick &amp; Strawberry Jerry</p> <p>Moby Dick has a nice mix of citrus and spice on the scent with a slightly elongated body. The nug looked strangely similar to a whale which made for some nice photos. Effects were perfect for daytime use. Uplifting and bright with no drag or couch lock.</p> <p>Strawberry Jerry was one of the most bright and fruity scents ive had the pleasure of trying out. Big berry and gas terps shine through as soon as you open the bag. Uplifting and giggly effects make it idea for day or night use.</p> <p></p> <p>Big thank you to the good folks over at <a href="">416Strains</a> - we can&#39;t suggest them enough for in depth reviews and cannabis information.</p> <p></p>