Led Hats - Tambourines and Lighted Jackets Commercial - Caleb Crump - GottaPurchase.com May 2022

This video is a commercial where Caleb Crump from GottaPurchase.com showcases the LED Programmable Hats, Lighted Jackets, and Lighted Tambourines. Purchase yours today at http://www.GottaPurchase.com Also in this video Caleb Crump demonstrates how the LED Programmable Hats can be quickly and easily be programmed to put your favorite city, state, sports team on then. On these LED Hats you can easily put your, name, business brand, or other messaging that you'd like such as "Happy Birthday", "Happy Anniversary", "Congratulations", "Congratulations for Graduating", "Have a Have a Great Day", etc. Put whatever messaging you desire on your LED Hat and can change your messaging as often as you wish. So be sure to purchase yours at http://www.GottaPurchase.com. We also can accept Bulk and Large Quantities Orders as well. For large orders call us at (505) 319-0975. Thank You and Enjoy!