No Tricks, Just Treats (What's In The Box: BodyBuzz)

<p>This may take the cake for most exciting unbox &amp; longest as we got a sweet kit from one of our Day 1 homies in the Canadian Cannabis Community. When we started our page there were few peeps who took the reviews serious. Bodybuzz was the place to go for knowledge reviews on all the real deal edibles in Canada. Since then they have opened their horizons to now sourcing some of the most legit brands in the country. From edibles to flower to dope swag, Bodybuzz is the one stop spot.&nbsp;</p> <p>In this unbox we got some new favorites next to some classic favorites. Cream of The Crop, Limitless Farms, Cee&#39;s Baked Goods, Archaic Creations are names fans of our videos will be familiar with. Today we are adding some new names - Cereal Killer Bars, Bebida Verde, Paq Case, Minis Infused have some dope edibles and gear so watch the video to find out what they got.</p>