Starting new Autoflowers with Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix

<p><a href="">Youtube</a></p> <p>Highigan! Welcome back to the 5x5 grow series! We look at our previous plants we had some issues with and we start the next run of autos trying a new soil mix with Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite! Stay tuned to see how they finish out and what we have growing next!</p> <p>50% OFF SHIPPING! When purchasing the 16 or 24 quart bag of Enhanced Perlite Mix<br /> Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix:<br /> <a href=""></a></p> <p>Join Our Highigan Members For Exclusive Content, Photos, Discord Access, Early Access Videos, Member Badges, Custom Emojis And So Much More! This helps support our channel and bring you more content since YouTube isnt the most cannabis friendly platform