THE SAMBA - Ladder To Success 3 • Ages 10-13

THE SAMBA - LADDER TO SUCCESS 3 . AGES 10-13 Founder of So Flo Coaching, Eric De Sousa, now teaches how to fluidly shift the lower body direction using the Samba Ladder drill. With a Speed & Agility Ladder on the ground, the player now starts with both feet on the outside of either side of the ladder. The foot farthest away from the ladder then comes behind the foot planted on the ground into the square, rotating your hips and then resetting both feet on the opposite side of the ladder. The player then repeats this action alternating with the opposite foot. Focusing on the lower body direction changing with every step, squaring the hips instead of the shoulders, he or she can open their hips allowing for better visual awareness of the field. If a ladder is unavailable, you may use tape or any form of a straight line on the ground.This progression is recommended every other day for 10 to 20 minutes.