How Hollywood stunt drivers are trained

With more than 50 years of stunt driving experience and more than 100 credits in film and television, Rick Seaman is considered a legend in the stunt driving community. Now retired, Seaman teaches the next generation the ins and outs of stunt driving at Rick Seaman’s East Stunt Driving School, a three-day course held at Wall Stadium Speedway in Wall, New Jersey. Students learn and practice a variety of stunt driving techniques including skid turns, flying 90s, 180-degree slides (both forwards and backwards), and multi-car interactions. Participants in the class range from professional stunt drivers looking for more experience to stunt performers and actors hoping to add to their repertoire of skills. We followed a group of students participating in the driving school in May as they attempted to execute a host of stunt driving techniques commonly featured in film and TV today. Stunts were performed under supervision of professionals and should not be attempted by amateurs.