Mollie Hemingway on IG Report: There Should Be Consequences For Media That Got It Wrong

Mollie Hemingway comments on how the media covered the Trump dossier and the impact of the DOJ IG report. On 'Special Report,' Tuesday night Hemingway said Democrats may not accomplish anything with impeachments other than upsetting voters who thought they were sending them to Congress to change things and instead have focused on impeaching the president. <blockquote>BRET BAIER: To be clear, the IG says they didn't implant somebody in the Trump campaign, but they had sources that were wired talking to people who were in the Trump campaign or senior Trump officials. MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, THE FEDERALIST: I'm one of the few people who has actually read the 430-page report. It outlines such tremendous amounts of spying. Electronic surveillance, the use of confidential human informants that were replaced people on the campaign. Two years ago you had competing memos come out. You had Devin Nunes say that there were problems with the FISA process, that that was abuse. You had the response memo from Adam Schiff who is now leading the impeachment effort. Never Trump media and liberal media completely disparage the Nunes memo and completely supported the Schiff memo and they were utterly humiliated by what come out in this report yesterday. Every single thing in the Nunes memo reported to be true. If anything, it underreported the problems with the FISA process. Meanwhile, things that were claimed by Schiff that people took seriously, the people accepted uncritically, were shown to be false. They said there were no material omissions in the FISA warrants. BAIER: And that the dossier was okay. HEMINGWAY: There were so many errors. And, again, all in the same direction. The dossier was completely disputed. Remember that Adam Schiff read the dossier into the Congressional record. He hijacked a separate hearing in order to do so. There should be consequences for this. And there should be consequences for media that got it wrong as well.</blockquote>