Missile-firing drills, M777 Howitzers: How Indian Army is countering China at LAC in Arunachal

India is battle ready to deal with any Chinese threat amid ongoing tensions at LAC. The Indian Army's anti-tank squad did a missile-firing demo in the Tawang sector near the China border. Heavily armed soldiers take positions in bunkers on a mountain ridge to observe the enemy movement. The soldiers could be seen firing the missile from the mountain ridge. Smoke can be seen billowing from the target area as gunfire is heard in the background. Indian soldiers are also undergoing aggressive training and exercise in rough climate conditions. India has also positioned new weapon systems along the line of actual control in Arunachal Pradesh. It has deployed m777 ultra-light howitzers artillery guns with a range of upto 30 kms. Upgraded l-70 anti-aircraft gun, manufactured by Bofors AB, to tackle aerial threats also deployed. l-70 guns are capable of shooting down modern combat aircraft, armed helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles. I-70s have superior target acquisition & tracking capability with high resolution electro-optical sensors.