ChaiChai Episode 19

A Kalari Gurukkal does a demonstration outside the Chai shop and suddenly the hotel has a massive swell of customers jostling in. Chai Raja is thrilled at the sudden pile of customers as tea glasses and snacks fly off the counter and even the flies are shooed off their hangout for lack of space. The extra publicity is great and Chai Raja sends out a complimentary snack plate with Sundar to the Kalari Guru- Basha planning to swipe a few “complimentary” snacks himself follows Sundar but then stops short as he sees the high leaps and stunts of the Gurukkal – suddenly Basha is extremely interested in learning the art. (Basha sees the kalari moves as a easy way to out-of reach snack shelves). He approaches the teacher, but the latter is a stern man and is not easily coaxed. Basha tries buttering up the Gurukkal- at first the lazy Sundar doesn’t clue in but when he realizes that Basha plans to use the Kalari moves to chomp away the fries kept for the customers. Sundar decides (thought bubbles) to master the art himself and beat Basha before he can succeed. Now the Kalari Guru has two very-very interested/undesired disciples who are intent on learning- or not letting the other one learn- Kalari! Add to this the fact that Chai Raja is losing his cool thanks to Sundar neglecting the customers and his job for the sake of the lessons. Sundar has to dash off for a bit and Basha “creates” his own Kalari moves. It’s no time for monkeying but will Sundar realize that before its too late? Chai Raja goes away on vacation and Sundar is super proud to be left in charge- Sundar slips into the “sous-chef” role and manages to keep the customers happy despite Basha’s meddling. After a particularly hectic service, Sundar believes he has earned the right to kick back and opens his own little easy chair (modeled after Chai Raja’s) to bask when he spots a beautiful poodle. Boing! Sundar’s heart goes a-thump and he leaps up all ready to impress the poodle. He bounds over and invites her in all Casanova style – the hotel is his after all for the day- or almost. The poodle is intrigued and agrees but no sooner they take two steps that a street smart handsome hound shows up and decides that the poodle should be his arm candy. Sundar, annoyed tries to impress the poodle with his “hotelier” skills but the hound manages to downplay or disrupt Sundar’s serenading by showing off his own street smarts. Basha sees this as a perfect opportunity to lay hands on some fritters and impishly adds to Sundar’s woes by pranking him. Sundar must now handle both Basha and the hound as he tries to impress his lady love but the tension literally hits the roof and sends everything crashing just as Chai Raja cycles back in. The poodle gives Sundar the cold shoulder and Chai Raja a broom to clean up the mess! A customer who is a doctor comes to the café carrying a box filled with test tubes. He accidentally leaves a test tube behind by which Sundar happens to drink it. Sundar now starts having episodes where he turns into a muscular, scary version of himself for a brief while (like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). He bullies Chair Raja and Basha during these episodes but then the potion starts to wear off. Sundar continues to fake it but finally has to bear the brunt of his bullying. Chai Raja adopts a parrot (without a cage) who suddenly considers himself master of the cafe. Sundar now has to take orders from the parrot, who assumes the role of Chai Raja’s second-in-command. Sundar detests the parrot but has to take good care of him to make Chai Raja happy. Basha decides to take advantage. He drops water on the parrot and the blame falls on Sundar. The parrot makes Sundar’s life miserable and Basha too gets caught in the parrot’s wrath. Sundar and Basha team up and find a way to make Chai Raja fire the parrot.