People & Places: Religion, challenges and chieftaincy issues of Osu People

Having revealed that Ga people are descendants of the tribe of Levi and were the people that carried the Ark of Covenant to Ethiopia as well as the staple food, culture, and major landmarks of Osu, this is the final episode of the history of Osu people. Wor-Lumor of Osu, Nuumo Noi Sekanku Kpenuku II in this final episode talks about how he thinks Christianity is gradually making Ghanaians throw away their traditional religion. He also was of the view that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is forcing the construction of a cathedral in the throat of Ghanaians. The Chief Priest further delved into how the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has claimed most part of the Osu land and now 'exploiting' the Osu people.