$65.00 Grow Light that Grows Monster Buds.

<p>Light - LED Grow Light 1200W Sunlike 3500K Double-Chip Plant Light Full Spectrum - $65.00 US</p> <p>If your new to growing and you already have a blurpuple light, then all your missing is some white light. This flowering led sunlike light works better then $350.00 dollars lights and it only cost $65.00 bucks on amazon right now. When I bought my first one it was $120.00 so when I saw this light at $65.00 I had to jump on it. So if your on a budget and you like to buy stuff bit by bit over time as money comes in, it&#39;s really a no brainer. I waiting on a lot of growers videos on mars hydro lights but at the price of theres lights you couuld buy 5 of these.</p>