HOW TO SIDE SET Learn volleyball skills and volleyball practice from Dr. Gylton Da Matta, a member of the International Volleyball Federation technical development committee. Watch how to integrate this drill into your volleyball lessons. If the high pass goes too close into the net, in order to avoid a net violation, the setter needs to assume a parallel stance in relation to the net and perform a side set. This skill can be performed from the ground or jumping. At the point of contact, the setter should always be facing the opposite court in order to be able to see the middle blocker of the opposing team. The second contact (after a pass or dig) is considered a “set”. The player who sets is called the “setter”. Usually, a set is made with two hands overhead. A bump set is made with a player’s forearms. A player can also set the ball over the net on the first, second, or third contact with the same motion.