Finance Minister on new pharmaceutical-related facilities, Atmanirbhar Bharat

Finance Minister Mirmala Sitharaman spoke on Atmanirbhar Bharat mission. "Through Atmanirbhar Bharat we can regain India's predominance. Atmanirbhar Bharat during Covid-19 is a voice given to every Indian. PM Modi spoke about Atmanirbhar, underlining that it will build india’s strength," she said. The finance minister spoke on opening up of new facilities for pharmaceuticals. "As bulk drug export, India manufactures life-saving drugs. Cost for these drugs are so low that they are available to all. Raw material for these drugs is also produced in India. India will have six large pharmaceuticals-producing areas. We have made sure to give incentives to people for setting up business. India’s strength being brought back through atmanirbhar bharat package," Sitharaman added.