Should Cannabis Be Ground Up Or Not

<p>Today on Lex&rsquo;s World I wanted to go a little deeper into the topic of herb grinders and when weed should be grinded up Vs. when being broken up by hand or by scissors may work a bit better. Lol just my opinion guys. This video is more for seasoned smokers than the First-Time Grinder Buyer Guide video I did a ways back.</p> <p>The first, most basic grinder episode (How To Pick Your First One):;ab_channel=LexBlazer</p> <p>Mye head shop (and grow gear shop), where all grinders are picked by me:</p> <p>Have a pressing question for me? Need to get in touch? See my 420 Club for more info:</p> <p>My Facebook:</p> <p>My Twitter:</p> <p>SEEDS: Please go to the following URL for worldwide shipping from an established company + a deal on seeds (if the link doesn&#39;t work, you gotta pause Adblock, also, make sure you favorite this link):</p>