WEED SEX 101: Everything you need to know about cannabis intimacy products

<p>Welcome to Weed Sex 101! Hot Tokes Gets Heady is an educational spinoff where we mythbust misconceptions about cannabis, and explain all the confusing stuff about weed that consumers should know.</p> <p>Today we&rsquo;re going to discuss all things existing at the intersection of sex and weed, from the science behind how these products work (or don&rsquo;t work), to an overview of what&rsquo;s on the market, and ultimately how to choose the right product for you.</p> <p>So without further ado, let&rsquo;s get stoned!</p> <p>And be sure to subscribe here and follow me on IG for daily content! <a href="https://www.instagram.com/_oystergirl_/">@_oystergirl_</a></p> <p></p>