Flower Girl Doesn't Approve Of Couple's First Kiss On Altar | Happily TV

A hilarious flower girl had an entire wedding in stitches when she turned to the vicar and expressed her disapproval of a couple's “bad” first kiss on the altar insisting they do it again. Kara and Luca Petriello have been together for almost ten years, and given how close they are to their families, the couple decided they wanted their two nieces to be their flower girls. But it was Kara's brother's daughter, Jolia, aged four, who stole the show at St. Michaels Roman Catholic Church, in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, with her cheeky gesture. As the couple finished their vows, the priest proudly announced: "It's time. You may kiss your bride." While the couple headed in for a loving smooch, Jolia watched on disapprovingly, before turning to the priest and saying, "Bad kiss." With the hilarious moment caught on camera the priest double took, before announcing with a grin, "Bad kiss?! Wow!", which made Kara, Luca and everyone in attendance burst out laughing. To appease Jolia, the couple were then encouraged to have a second kiss, which brought a smile to the four-year-old's face as she gave an approving thumbs-up.