From Rohit Sharma to Karan Johar, PM Modi retweets celebs on 9 pm, 9 min call

Prime Minister Narendra Modi retweeted appeals by many celebrities to adhere to his 9 pm, 9 minutes call. Days earlier, PM Modi had asked all Indians to switch off the lights at their homes for 9 minutes starting 9 pm on April 5. He said that the gesture would send a message of unity amidst the battle with the Coronavirus pandemic. Sportspersons like Rohit Sharma, Bajrang Punia, Latika Bhandari and Chandro Tomar supported PM's call. He also received support from actors and film-makers like Anil Kapoor, Mammootty, and Karan Johar. Watch the full video to know the celebrities' comments and PM's response.