<p>Hello all!</p> <p>This video was really difficult to make because i am very scared of judgement, but I wanted to use this moment as an educational one. As you guys know I AM THE WEED PRINCESS, so i think what freaked me out so much is that weed did this to me. I always felt like i could conquor weed in a way that wasnt safe and this time brought me to a place i do not see myself being at again for a VERY VERY long time.</p> <p>Before this happened my tolerance was super low because of me using CBD and THC in my dabs (more cbd than thc to help with anxiety. I plan to continue my cbd today &amp; thc journey and i truly recommend you guys start incoorporating in your smoking schedule as well.</p> <p>I have been working super hard to better myself, mind, body, and soul after this experience. &amp; I really want you guys to know how serious this was for me. It was horrifying but in the end beautiful because i have a strong mind. Please be safe!</p>