Are Commercial Cannabis Grows An Easy (Or Viable!) Business?

<p>Want 1-on-1 help? Check out the 420 Club: </p> <p>Starting your own legal, commercial-grade Cannabis grow operation may seem wonderful if your country just legalized or is about to, but today on Lex&rsquo;s world we discuss all the pitfalls of running a high-startup-cost business in a high regulation, high black market competition environment.</p> <p>Visit my Grow Gear &amp; Head shop:</p> <p>Get SEEDS anywhere on Seedsman AND help the show (pause adblock if won&#39;t open...also, save this SPECIAL DEAL link!):<br /> <br /> Canopy Growth Chart:<br /> HMMJ Cannabis ETF Chart:;.tsrc=fin-srch</p> <p>My Facebook -<br /> My Twitter -<br /> My Instagram -</p> <p>Lex on TheWeedTube -<br /> Lex on Vimeo -<br /> Lex on Bitchute -</p>