A 4 Day Work Week Could Help Close the Gender Gap. Here’s How

Men spent 27% more time on childcare when they worked in a 4 day work week setting. This number was double the increase seen for women. And while both men and women said their health and well-being had improved, these effects were more pronounced for women. 2,900 UK workers at 61 companies took part in the 6-month trial. They all agreed to work 80% of their usual hours with no reduction in pay while delivering 100% of their usual 5-day output. 90% of staff said they want to continue working a 4 day work week. 71% had reduced levels of burnout by the end of the trial. 43% said their mental health had improved. 91% of firms said they plan to continue with a 4 day work week. They rated the experience 8.5 out of 10 on average. Watch the video to learn more about how a 4 day work week could help close the gender gap.