Why The Pink Tax Makes It More Expensive To Be A Women

A Pink Tax is the difference in the prices of products that are marketed to both men and women. Take personal care products, for example, soaps, razors, and deodorants. A US study found that women pay 13% more for these items than men. While accessories and clothing cost women 7% and 8% more, respectively. These additional costs quickly add up. Women could be spending thousands of dollars more than men over the course of their lifetime. It's already more expensive to be a woman. Women in New York spend an average of $10 a month on period products. Several countries have stopped taxing these products, but the pink tax can’t be repealed in the same way. In 2021, a ‘Pink Tax Repeal Act’ was introduced to Congress. The UN has called for an end to gender price discrimination, but the most powerful solutions could come from brands themselves. Here’s more about the Pink Tax.