Cannabis in the Festival Scene - The Eighth Hour EP: 001

In this episode of The 8th Hour, we discuss weed state legalization, cannabis use at festivals and weed themed raves in our home town of Los Angeles. Then the conversations heats up as we cover the recent documentaries over the scandalous Fyre Festival. Lastly, we discuss some of our favorite moments during Gordon Ramsay's recent appearance on the YouTube channel "Hot Ones". 00:00 - Intro 00:50 - 10 States Looking to Legalize 21:20 - Los Angeles Weed Rave 37:37 - The Sesh 39:09 - Fyre Fest Scandal 49:12 - Hot Ones: Gordon Ramsay 54:50 - Outro Featuring: Will, Nick, Cris, Sitt. --------------------------------------------- Facebook Instagram: NoDvzeOff Instagram: NoDazeOffMedia Twitter Listen To Our Podcast On Your Favorite Podcast App: Here