Moms in Cannabis

<p>We&#39;re taking a closer look at women in the Southern California cannabis industry. We went out, interviewed women fulfilling different roles and positions, and are seeking to share their perspectives on what it&#39;s like to be female in this emergent space. We asked seven questions in interviews, and the broad range of answers wove three important themes together: Sexism in the Cannabis industry, Mothers in the &quot;green closet&quot;, and understanding the generational gap between this era of consumers and the last. Here is part 2 of the 3 part series on Women in Cannabis!</p> <p>The comments are a major part of bringing this discussion to life. Reach out and drop your perspective! As a man I can only express what I witness from the outside in. But as a community, maybe we can bring these issues to light. Thank you for watching.</p> <p>&mdash;<br /> We really read these comments and love the feedback and discussion! Please take a moment and drop a HEY in the comments to let the club know what you thought of the video.<br /> And please subscribe it would mean a lot :)<br /> &mdash;<br /> Started in 2017 by three young men fascinated by the burgeoning cannabis industry, the Green Grinders Club&rsquo;s mission is to document and translate the contemporary cannabis experience here in Southern California. We aim to bridge the gap between the previous, current, and future generation of cannabis stakeholders through consistent education, community engagement, and embracing culture.<br /> &mdash;<br /> Instagram:<br /> Podcast:<br /> Facebook:<br /> Website:<br /> Reddit:<br /> TheWeedTube:<br /> &mdash;</p>