How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Pennsylvania

<p>Hello everyone! This is the inaugural video for Key Stoned State Reviews, so I thought it fitting to answer the most common question I hear once people find out that I&rsquo;m a card carrying patient in PA, and that&rsquo;s &ldquo;How do I get a card?&rdquo; Join me as I walk you through the 3 easy and quick steps to getting your medical cannabis card in PA. Please like, follow, share and hit the bell button for notifications for when I upload reviews of dispensaries, cannabis companies, strains, accessories &amp; more! The PA state website that you need to register on: <a href=";event=video_description&amp;v=fGqqSTuswGc&amp;redir_token=1h5Ehae-MKSVvcHcN-JP5t9FfsB8MTU4MTE3MDAxN0AxNTgxMDgzNjE3" target="_blank"></a> <a href="">#medicalmarijuana</a> <a href="">#medicalcannabis</a> <a href="">#cannabis</a> <a href="">#marijuana</a> <a href="">#pamedicalmarijuana</a> <a href="">#cannabisculture</a> <a href="">#pa</a> <a href="">#pennsylvania</a></p>