I Review a Hemp Strain to Celebrate HEMP LEGALIZATION

As many of you know, HEMP IS FINALLY LEGAL IN THE U.S.! Cannabis is considered to be hemp when it has 0.3% thc or less. The versatility of hemp is amazing. You can make paper, clothes, food, medicine, fuel, rope, & most likely a lot more with hemp! I have a new sponsor ( MiamiRave.Com ) and they were kind enough to send me not one but TWO cbd hemp strains to review. For this video I’m just gonna be reviewing one of them: Harlequin. Like this vid? SUBSCRIBE. Also, BLAZE ALONG! Want some CBD Hemp Buds? Go to https://Www.MiamiRave.com I also have an online smoke shop you can check out! Buy your bongs, hemp wraps, oil rigs, pipes, and MUCH MORE!!! Don’t forget to hit the LIKE button and COMMENT! Alright guys. I appreciate you watching my video(s)! STAY FRIED!