The Cannabis Closet with Farrah and Maigan: Social Equity

<p>We are discussing the nation wide racial inequity in the cannabis industry. Who is doing it right and who is missing the mark? Are there solutions, what are they and who needs to be involved to accomplish our goals?</p> <p>Guest Panel includes:</p> <p>Jason Mitchell co-founder of Soulful Cannabis; guest co-host</p> <p>Marne Madison co-founder Fleur Verte Acadamy</p> <p>Dawn Abernathy co-founder Fleur Verte Acadamy</p> <p>Abrahama Keys Executive Director of Greater St. Louis NORML; WeCann</p> <p>Karin Spinks Chester founder Midwest Canna Expos; Adjunct Professor at St. Louis University School of Professional Studies Cannabis Program</p> <p>Christina Frommer and Chris Frommer founders Canna Convict Project in Missouri</p> <p>Brennan England founder The Cola Lounge in St. Louis Missouri</p> <p></p>