How to Infuse Olive Oil with Cannabis! Easy materials, quick and effortless DIY!! + THC% calculation

<p>Learn how to infuse olive oil with cannabis and also learn to calculate the THC percentage in your final product. In this tutorial you will learn an effortless way to make your own cannabis infused oil with the help of simple materials. That&#39;s right, no need to buy a magical butter machine for this one! Enjoy!</p> <p>Check out this playlist for more infused recipes: <a href=""></a>​...</p> <p>Let&#39;s connect:</p> <p>IG: tiarasillet</p> <p>IG: annisillet</p> <p>FB: Annelene Sillet Y&eacute;pez</p> <p>FB: Tiara Sillet Y&eacute;pez</p> <p>Subscribe for more content: <a href=""></a>​...</p>