*Review* Wizard's Pie

<p>*Review* Wizard&#39;s Pie grown by Rockin T Cultivation</p> <p>Oklahoma Medical MarijuanaPatient. Oklahoma Grown Medical Cannabis review.</p> <p></p> <p>Nothing for sale. Educational Purpose Only.<br /> <br /> Wizard&rsquo;s pie (Hybrid)<br /> THC 29%. CBD 0.02%<br /> <a href="https://www.instagram.com/summitcannabiscollective/">@summitcannabiscollective</a><br /> <a href="https://www.instagram.com/rockintcultivation/">@rockintcultivation</a><br /> So I was at the summit when I spotted this flower. What struck me right off the bat was the color and the wonderful aroma that permeated out of the sniffing box.<br /> When I saw this wonderful glittering white diamond flower with snow like qualities...Sparkly!! The light green color with long red hairs, oh my gosh, It was at that moment I knew that, I well you know, I&rsquo;d have it.<br /> The smell, well the best way to describe it is very light sage / hoppy / wood with a little fruit smell.<br /> Honestly it&rsquo;s really hard to pinpoint, It&rsquo;s kind of all over the map.<br /> Once I got at home I opened up the package and reached in and pulled out this sticky flower. The bud was like a sponge texture and when I broke it up, it turned into very nice fluffy, light and airy smokage..<br /> The flavor of these Exhale is this very light creamy pine earthy flavor. Let me tell you what , she is so freaking smooth it&rsquo;s unbelievable. I was able to take big bong rips.<br /> The first effect of the flower that I felt was this gradual euphoric head high. It&rsquo;s kind of funny, as I&rsquo;m trying to get my words to come out correctly. (Starting to feel the effects) I noticed that I start focusing on different objects and really try to understand them. Which is making me laugh at myself. This head high is A delight. [side comment]Oh boy is she ever.[\side comment]<br /> The body high is this numbing effect that in my mind it&rsquo;s like somebody is gently massaging my body. And this point of the review, speech to text has begun. So at this point I&rsquo;m gonna go ahead and call it.<br /> There is no telling what I will say from this point on..<br /> But what I will say is that the growers over at Rockin T make a damn good product. This is my second time checking out their grow. The other was spectacular. Two out of two times that I&rsquo;ve tried their product it&rsquo;s been amazing. I can&rsquo;t wait to try some more.<br /> So if you&rsquo;re ever over in Pauls Valley stop in at the Summit and Tell them Cannabis Road sent ya and try this awesome medication.</p>