How-To: Roll A Roach Joint in 44 seconds

<p>The Canadian CHRONiSSEUR rolls a roach joint in 44 seconds. Well, not really. It's fast forward. But still!</p><p>Step 1- Smoke 5 to 10 filter-less joints and save the roaches</p><p>Step 2- Bust up all the roaches and save the roach papers for makin oil later</p><p>Step 3- Grind a bit of non-roach weed and mix it with the roach weed</p><p>Step 4- Roll a CHRONiSSEUR's ROACH DOOBIE! (CRD)</p><p>Step 5- Inhale! Exhale! Enjoy!</p><p>Thanks fer watchin</p><p>The Canadian CHRONiSSEUR</p>