Ocean - Covered by SkottieJay - Written by John Butler

Ocean performed by SkottieJay on 10/07/2020 - Written by John Butler. In 2012, John Butler has a contest for his fans to learn this song, and play their version of it. He would meet with the winners of the contest. Well that contest is long gone, and in 2017, I set out to learn Ocean to rehabilitate pain I get from Chronic Inflammation/Lupus and Peripheral Neuropathy. Playing Guitar everyday helped rehabilitate my hands and back. So now I play guitar whenever I need to chill, relax and meditate to work through pain and scar tissue. As a result, this channel was born. Ill post videos here of me playing guitar to overcome this pain. Not yet a medical cannabis patient, but soon to be. I play Ocean everyday, sometimes multiple times a day because the movements help the nerve damage I have suffered. Peace out everyone - SkottieJay **I do not own the song Ocean. Some parts of this song, I wrote including the intro as part of my entry for the contest that I was never part of.**